About Us   

The Aerobic Center, located at Lynch Field in Greensburg, PA, was established in 1978 as a non-profit organization.  It is owned by the City of Greensburg and operated by a seven person board of directors.  A totally self-supporting organization, receiving no tax dollars from the community, we rely solely upon memberships & donations for our daily operations.

    The Aerobic Center is unique in that "We Cater To First Time Exercisers, Kids, Seniors and the mentally/physically challenged" offering supervised monthly programs to assist and encourage individuals with the transition to a lifelong commitment of good health.

    The Aerobic Center is ready to serve all of your health and fitness needs.  Please stop in in at your convenience for a free tour.  

We welcome you!

General Manager, Marianne Bucci Anzovino

Our Board of Directors

Kim Houser, Board Chair

Edward Hutchinson

Margaret Falcon

Deborah Reese

Dr. Calvin Kier

Raymond Hoehler, Esq.

Howard Kaufman

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